Although there are, of course, no borders in space, most divide the solar system into six rough regions. Each of these regions is home to one or more settlements, where humans have tried to create a refuge in the post-paradise age.


The innermost planet is a study in extremes. Surface temperatures range from 801 degrees Fahrenheit on the day side to -279 on the night side. These inimical conditions dissuaded all but the boldest (or perhaps the most foolish) settlers, but two settlements have established themselves on the planet. Both use the same strategy: follow the terminator line to take advantage of the relatively moderate temperatures at dusk and dawn. However, the two factions could not be more different in their philosophies, and the distance between the two mobile societies is often the only obstacle to all-out-war.


The atmosphere of the second planet is notoriously toxic; some would say the same of the souls of those who live in the planet's only settlement, an opulent city that floats in Venus' atmosphere.


Despite the ruination of humanity's cradle, Earth remains the political center of human civilization. Over half of the remaining human population lives in a network of space stations orbiting earth, and some stalwarts still live on the blistering surface, sheltering in iron domes that escaped the predation of carbophage bacteria. A lone space station watches over Earth's moon, tasked with monitoring and containing the first, worst AI bloom.


The red planet is home to 

The Asteroid Belt

The Outer Planets


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